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Macaé has a coastline of 23 km, constituted by many beaches and activities to be explored.

Cavaleiros Beach
It has 1,500 meters of length. The main bars and restaurants of Macaé are located there. The gastronomic variety attracts tourists and citizens, especially in the evening, when Cavaleiros becomes the most crowded site in the city.

Pecado Beach
It is perfect for surfing and body boarding. The beach has already hosted professional competitions and attracts surfers from all over the world. Even who never surfed before can try it. There are local instructors for private surfing classes.

Campista Beach
It is an open and rough sea beach, suitable for fishing. It is located between Prainha (Farol) and Cavaleiros Beach. Nowadays, Campista Beach is a place for kitesurfing, and consequently, for photographers and tourists who enjoy extreme moves.

Barra de Macaé Beach
It has about two kilometers of length. Barra Beach presents constant color, transparency and temperature variation because water from the source of Macaé river flows into it, from the Mountain Region to the sea.

São José do Barreto Beach
It is an open sea beach, suitable for fishing, and an extension of Barra de Macaé Beach. Women fixing their fishing nets can be seen on shore.

Farol (Lighthouse) Beach
This beach has 500 meters of length, warm transparent water and coarse yellow sand. It is located next to a rocky hillside where the old lighthouse ruins are. Turtles are always spotted on this beach.

Fort Beach
With only 180 meters of length, it is close to Marshal Hermes Fort. Built in early XX century, it is one of the most important historical heritages of Macaé. Located between Fort Bridge and the mouth of Macaé River.

Imbetiba Beach
With calm waters, Imbetiba Beach was the city’s number one place to hang out in the 70s and 80s. The youth got together at 860 Bar and Restaurant, Redondo, Varandão, Mocambo, Pub and, at night, Demerval’s Trailler where people ordered the favorite sandwich of that generation: the “Bistrot”. Located near Petrobras’ Headquarters, Imbetiba Beach is a good place for working out, jogging and beach soccer nowadays.

Sant´Anna Archipelago
One of the main ecological sanctuaries of Macaé, Sant´Anna Archipelago is 8km from the shore. It consists of four islands: Francês, Sant´Anna, Ilhote Sul and Ponta das Cavalas. It is noteworthy to mention the group of rocks near Francês Island. It is a spawning area for many seabird species, especially seagulls. It has two beaches with transparent water and clear sand.

Imboassica Lagoon
It is a natural boundary between Macaé and Rio das Ostras, 11.5km from downtown. There is a narrow strip of sand separating the lagoon from the ocean, but, in a specific time of the year, they merge and present a beautiful spectacle and an amazing entertainment for surfers. It is a nice place for kite surfing, and other non-motorized water sports, and also for jogging, cycling, rollerblading and skateboarding. The lagoon is the most visited site in the city by sunset lovers.